Many teens love to play video games. I see it and here it everywhere, from middle school to college. At first I thought that in college not so many students would choose to spend money on video games and sit around and play them. Yet when I enter the dorms, it is quite often that I see people playing Halo, Guitar Hero or many other games. And why not? After a busy day, there is nothing wrong to sit back and enjoy your favorite game.

The problem with video games, at least for me personally, is not whether people spend too much time playing them, but whether they spend too much money for them. I have friends who are very unorganized and don’t take care of their video games and gaming platforms at all. Friends who throw around games, and when they get scratched or they don’t work anymore, they simply run to the store to buy a new one. Nothing wrong with that, but not everyone has the time or money to throw away on the same game over and over again.

That did happen to me several times though. I had my favorite games scratched and they no longer worked. I had no alternative other than buying them again. Well I grew sick and tired of it and I did find a way around it.

I simply take the original game and make a copy of it. You may wonder how, considering that most video games have protective labels which do not let you to make copies. However, with the help of a ‘Copy Any Game’ software, I am able to make copies of virtually any video game. I simply copy the original game onto a blank CD, and save the original.

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